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Optimize Your Hormones – Don´t JUST replace!

Optimize Your Hormones

Hormone replacement is a therapy known to all medical physicians. However, only a select few have taken additional training to enlighten themselves about hormone optimization to gain preventive-aging benefits. These include improved energy, physical performance, complexion, immune function, sexual vitality, mental sharpness, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone density, body composition, and strength to name a few.

Our bodies produce a complex array of natural chemicals called hormones i.e) estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, progesterone, etc. As we age, the hormones not only are produced less by our body but also have less of an effect on the tissues for which they are so vital in function. We need to maintain our hormone levels in the higher end of the normal range and not accept just any range of a normal value. The majority of doctors who get a hormone blood panel would accept any range of normal even though it is in the lower percentile. You want to choose a health care facility that has a preventive- aging physician who wants to "optimize" your hormone level by working with your current primary care physician or internist as a consultant. Optimization means to restore your hormone level to the 80- 90th percentile of normal getting all the benefits of those particular hormones. This is vital for both men and women to be evaluated by their mid to late thirties before they get to andropause or menopause, respectively. You should choose a health care center who wants to evaluate these hormone levels before they get to a level that causes noticeable, everyday symptoms. Then, if you begin hormone optimization, you should choose a doctor that only uses natural "bio-identical" hormones to replace your hormone levels customized to your needs. This customized approach involves measuring your blood´s hormone levels monthly until the most adequate level is obtained using the bio-identical hormone replacements. Bio-identical hormones are exactly the same chemical structure that your body naturally produces but only in pill, cream, patch, or suppository form. Do not accept the increased side effects and risks of synthetic, often cheaper versions of a similar hormone.

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