Why nutrition matters?

Old and Young

Nutrition plays a vital, but often overlooked, role in promoting overall health. What we put into our bodies determines what we can get out of for a lifetime. At ACN Wellness, we understand the role of nutrition and are committed to sharing this knowledge with our patients.

Nutrition is about understanding the role of balance in one’s life. Rather than taking extreme approaches to nutrition, we at ACN Wellness emphasize the importance of moderation and education. By showing people what a balanced nutritional approach involves and then comparing it with what they actually eat, we can give people the knowledge they need to eat properly.

By maintaining a balance with one’s eating habits, you can enjoy a healthy outlook regarding food without thinking of it in terms of reward and punishment. Taking a more measured approach to nutrition will give an important tool in staying healthy and happy, not just for the short term, but for a lifetime.

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How Do You Choose a Health Practice?

Quick Tips!

  • Health is Wealth- All the money in the world is useless without your health to enjoy it. Sometimes paying out of your pocket to get additional preventive health services that are only partially covered by your insurance is worth the investment in yourself.
  • Prevent disease before it happens and rewind your biological clock with proper nutrition, exercise, and bio-identical hormone optimization. Ideally, an evaluation should be done by your mid to late thirties but it is never too late to get one. Do not accept the synthetic, often cheaper hormone medication alternatives that your insurance company often prefers you to take. Less than one in 1000 doctors have this additional preventive-aging medical education to optimize not just replace your hormones.
  • Not all nutritional supplements and brands are created equal. Find a physician nutritional expert who knows the highest purity and best quality brands saving you money by getting more for your dollar.
  • Find a physician who specializes in preventive-aging emphasizing holistic health care in his or her facility including a mind, body, and spirit approach. The roadblocks to permanent change in lifestyle cannot be fully addressed in a quick 10-15 minute appointment with your doctor.
  • Find a health care facility that knows how to check your toxin and pH levels in your blood and urine so that you can adjust your nutrition and environmental exposure. Thus, rid your body of toxic waste that increases disease and negatively impacts your overall health.
  • Live without the pain. Choose prolotherapy, bio-identical hormone optimization, and osteopathic spinal manipulation to give your mind and body a rest from the prescription drugs and surgeries.


With Americans paying over $20 billion annually on nutritional supplements and vitamins, it is important to choose a physician who has taken additional training about which nutritional supplements have been proven scientifically to be of benefit versus the ones that Americans are wasting their money on. Medical doctors are so busy in their practices caring for all the needs of their patients, they have little time to keep up with the latest news about all the breakthroughs in nutritional supplements and vitamins. The FDA does not test or guarantee nutritional supplement content and thus, Americans are left to figure that out on their own. All supplements and vitamins are not created equal. Some doctors choose to pay for access to physician Websites that independently review nutritional supplements brand by brand and compare the purity and quality of the supplements. This will save many patients money annually to get some advice from an expert with this training and knowledge.

How to evaluate your health and prevent disease

A health care facility should take a holistic approach to your health. Our bodies produce a complex array of natural chemicals called hormones i.e) estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, progesterone, etc. As we age, the hormones not only are produced less by our body but also have less of an effect on the tissues for which they are so vital in function. We need to maintain our hormone levels in the higher end of the normal range and not accept just any range of a normal value. The majority of doctors who get a hormone blood panel would accept any range of normal even though it is in the lower percentile. You want to choose a health care facility that has a preventive- aging physician who wants to "optimize" your hormone level by working with your current primary care physician or internist as a consultant. Optimization means to restore your hormone level to the 80- 90th percentile of normal getting all the benefits of those particular hormones. This is vital for both men and women to be evaluated by their mid to late thirties before they get to andropause or menopause, respectively. You should choose a health care center who wants to evaluate these hormone levels before they get to a level that causes noticeable, everyday symptoms. Then, if you begin hormone optimization, you should choose a doctor that only uses natural "bio-identical" hormones to replace your hormone levels customized to your needs. This customized approach involves measuring your blood´s hormone levels monthly until the most adequate level is obtained using the bio-identical hormone replacements. Bio-identical hormones are exactly the same chemical structure that your body naturally produces but only in pill, cream, patch, or suppository form. Do not accept the increased side effects and risks of synthetic, often cheaper versions of a similar hormone.

Health is wealth

With the current banking woes and financial instability, Americans need to invest in themselves. "Health is wealth" is a great motto by which to live. Many complementary medical items and services should be reemphasized so that you can "live younger". Supplements, vitamins, osteopathic doctors, prolotherapists, chiropractors, and preventive- aging doctors are often only partially covered by your current insurance. There is no better time to put increased importance on your health through prevention. In the larger picture of things, your mind, body, and spirit are the only "sure bet" investment. It is worth paying out of your pocket if necessary so that you optimize your health. Hormone replacement is a therapy known to all medical physicians. However, only a select few have taken additional training to enlighten themselves about hormone optimization to gain preventive-aging benefits. These include improved energy, physical performance, complexion, immune function, sexual vitality, mental sharpness, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone density, body composition, and strength to name a few.

Am I Eating Toxins, What Toxins?!?

A health care facility should evaluate the toxins so that the doctor can give you advice as to how and what to eliminate from your environment or foods. This personalized medical aspect is an evaluation that is typically underemphasized given our home and workplace exposure to potentially harmful chemicals everyday in our food, air, and water. Your health care facility should know how to use natural tonics, supplements, and foods to purify your body and blood of these harmful toxins. This will help to reduce a dangerous killer called "silent inflammation" as your body wages war at a microscopic cellular level against these agents of disease. These toxins can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer, and autoimmune diseases (i.e. lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.) as they potentially cause silent inflammation that you do not feel until it is too late. A health care facility should know how some important health markers including blood and urine pH should be tested and evaluated. It is vitally important to choose a preventive-aging physician to recognize how manipulating these basic perimeters subtly through diet and exercise can optimize your mood, energy, and health. One of the greatest toxin reservoirs in the body is the stored residue in your colon. This is the last stop in your digestive system, and the undigested pieces of food and waste sometimes are not eliminated properly. This waste can build up like a clogged pipe in your kitchen sink. The Western Diet of Americans is filled with foods that slowly clog your colon´s pipes and decay leading to silent inflammation. This can impact your overall health and lead to premature disease. Colon cleansing via fasting dates back centuries to our ancestors religious and cultural rituals to rid the body of impurities. This has slowly been de-emphasized in our current society, and thus we have lost all the medical benefits associated with this ritual. You should choose a health facility that uses this approach to re-vitalize your colon. Various modified fasts including raw diets and juice-fasts can be individualized so that each person gets a customized way to improve their digestive health.

Pain, Pain Go Away!

Choose a health facility that will get to the root cause of your chronic pain such as low back pain, tendonitis, headaches, and fibromyalgia. Chronic pain is so debilitating both mentally and physically that you cannot live your life to its fullest. Treatments such as prolotherapy and osteopathic spinal manipulation can be utilized to reduce the need for prescription narcotics and anti-inflammatories. Prolotherapy is an injection technique that proliferates your body´s own natural tissue. It’s a great choice after you have had little improvement with physical therapy and want to avoid surgery. For some patients over 35, hormone optimization can be utilized in conjunction with prolotherapy to increase the anabolic response by growing more tissue and increasing the stability in the respective problem area. A health care facility should have doctors who care for your mind and spirit. The power of the mind is underutilized and poorly understood because of its complexity. New Year´s resolutions come and go, but a patient should seek a doctor who has the passion and ability to unlock a patient´s mind and spirit so that the change becomes permanent. The "new you" often has an expiration date as bad old habits slowly return into your lifestyle. Permanent change is a change in your state of mind and how you see what you want out of your life. This cannot occur in a quick 10-15 minute appointment with any medical doctor. Find a health facility that has a doctor who will spend hours, not minutes in a visit with you so that true progress occurs in obtaining health and prevention through a holistic mind, body, and spirit experience.

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