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Organic Acid, Yeast Culture and Sensitivity Combo

This Combo panel includes three tests for the presence of yeast. The Organic Acid Test measures yeast metabolites in the urine. In the yeast culture and sensitivity test a culture is grown and the stool sample is examined under the microscope. If the yeast grows in culture, sensitivity of that yeast to prescription antifungals and to natural antimicrobials is determined. By doing both these tests you will have all the evidence your doctor needs to treat this microbial dysbiosis.


  • More information for weighing yeast treatment options
  • Find out which type of antifungal will work best

Treatment options

Depending on test results, suggestions include

  • Diet modification
  • Diet supplementation, primarily with nutrients which increase the quantity of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Oral antifungal or antibacterial (anaerobic) medications

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