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Food and Inhalant Allergy Testing

There are two types of antibodies you can test for. IgE is less common in the population (approx 4%) but provides the most severe allergic reactions. An overdose of these antibodies can get into your major body systems and overwhelm them and possibly cause death. For that reason, this is usually what traditional doctors will test for. Even a mild IgE reaction can make you feel sick or tired.

IgG antibody reactions occur in most of the population but the symptoms are less noticeable to those it affects because it is a milder allergic reaction. It can also be much harder to figure out what food is causing a reaction as IgG antibodies can wait days after eating or inhaling something to create a symptom. Subtle allergies can cause health issues over time.

Food and inhalant allergies are very common in children and adults, and often are diagnosed and treated without recognizing the exposure. Identification of allergic triggers allows controlled elimination of the offending foods or inhalants. The impact of food allergies on behavior can be profound, and individuals often CRAVE the same foods that cause allergic reactions. Allergic foods may play a role in encouraging abnormal growth in gastrointestinal organisms. Observation helps determine which foods or environmental exposures have influenced behavior or physical symptoms.


  • Eliminating the allergy triggers may reduce food craving and stimulate wider food choices
  • Eliminating offending foods and allergy triggers may improve symptoms and conditions
  • Can improve fatigue, concentration, mental sharpness, "brain fog", attention deficit disorder (ADD) and obesity.

Treatment options

Depending on test results, suggestions can include

  • Eliminate offending foods and inhalant triggers
  • Support immune system
  • Improve digestion
  • Homeopathy
  • Additional therapies

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