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Paying Attention to Pain
Pain exists to tell your body that something is out of balance and requires your attention. Many people ignore their pain entirely by treating it with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. By ignoring these signals, individuals often are not able to resolve the origin of their pain and further worsen their complications.

Chronic Pain
Effective treatment of chronic pain requires addressing psychological and physical aspects of a person's problems. Chronic pain is often worsened by the emotional toll it has on the individual; it is the most incapacitating and frustrating for people.

ACN Wellness has a holistic approach to treating chronic pain disorders, particularly effective for pain associated with the following:

Gallbladder disease Fibromyalgia Menstrual cramps Digestive discomfort
Tension Headaches Migraines TMJ Trigeminal neuralgia
Myofascial pain syndrome Kidney stones Scar tissue Frozen Shoulder
Back, neck, & shoulder pain Sinus Pain Frozen Shoulder Bell's Palsy
Carpal tunnel syndrome Arthritis Pancreatitis Tendonitis
Hip, knee, & foot pain Plantar fasciitis Shingles Sciatica

Many chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia require a multidimensional method to healing because underlying causes involve numerous bodily systems ranging from immune, musculoskeletal, digestive, endocrine, and nervous systems.

Trauma or Injury
Holistic treatment should be paramount in the management of pain and injury in order to lessen exposure to risks associated with more invasive, conventional medicine such as injections or surgery. However, when surgery is required to fix a serious problem, holistic therapies can lessen the need for medications, expedite recovery and improve results.

Causes of Pain
Normally, individuals tend to think of pain as only physical, however it is much more complex. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger and fatigue interact in complex ways with pain. Our thoughts and emotions can lead to a change in the quality and volume of pain experienced. Given that individuals sense pain, communicate pain and react to pain and its treatments very differently, the following are considered when identifying the source of pain:

  1. Muscle Imbalances
  2. Metabolic Imbalances
  3. State of mind or mental stress
  4. Toxin Overload
  5. Joint Instability& Subluxation

Holistic Treatment Methods
At ACN Wellness, we believe that patients in the Vienna, Leesburg, and DC metro areas should have quick recovery times and measures taken to prevent future reoccurrence of pain and injury. We incorporate results-based holistic medicine methods in areas of corrective exercise and flexibility, chiropractic, herbal medicine, prolotherapy, acupuncture, hormone therapy, therapeutic massage and stress management. The healing response encouraged at ACN Wellness includes:

  • Increasing endorphin levels and reducing the nervous system's pain response
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relaxing muscles and discontinuing spasms
  • Increasing local circulation
  • Recognizing and removing triggers
  • Weight loss if required

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