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EEG Differences in Post-Traumatic Headache Patients

This study examined the differences in cognitive evoked potentials in post-traumatic headache patients. The patients were 50 people with mild head injury (MHI) and headache who had: "loss of cons...

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Recent Onset Headache

This study examined 100 consecutive patients who presented at neurological unit with headache of recent onset (described as headache that "appeared for the first time ever in the last 12 months. ...

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Headache, Diet, and Exercise

Two new studies have been published that examine the role of diet or exercise in headaches. The first1 was a survey given to 112 migraine sufferers. The researchers found that 70% of migraine ...

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Stress, Hunger, and Headache

This study evaluated two recognized headache triggers—hunger and stress. The study participants were 56 students who had suffered from both migraines and tension-type headaches for at least six ...

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Post-Traumatic Headache and Cerebral Blood Flow

The authors of this current study tidily sum up the problem with post-traumatic headache (PTH): "Headache is the most common neurologic symptom following minor closed head injury. There is often ...

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Whiplash-Associated Headache

Psychological symptoms are often associated with both headaches and whiplash. This study examined patients who suffered from headaches (along with the neck pain) following whiplash by using the SCL-90...

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Migraine Headaches, Physical Therapy, and Thermal Biofeedback

A suggested cause of migraine headaches (as well as tension-type headaches) appears to be cervical musculoskeletal abnormalities. This study tested the effectiveness of physical therapy (PT) treatment...

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Chiropractic Treatment for Migraine

Migraine headaches are estimated to cost the U.S. over $17 billion each year. While it is clinically recognized that migraines can be related to cervicogenic conditions, the exact nature of this relat...

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Analgesic-Rebound Headache: Overdiagnosed?

In a recent editorial, Dr Robert S. Kunkel raises serious questions about analgesic-rebound headache, and meets the issues with skeptical pragmatism: "I certainly agree that analgesic-rebound ...

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Anxiety and Fear of Pain in Headache patients

The of psychological issues—especially anxiety and fear—in recovery from pain is a complex one, and one that is unfortunately not dealt with often enough in clinical practice. It is easier...

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Botulinum Toxin Treatment of Cervicogenic Headache

This study assessed the effectiveness of botulinum toxin A injected in five cervical trigger points as treatment of chronic headaches stemming from a whiplash injury. Twenty-six patients, (11 men and ...

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Whiplash Symptoms - Headache

Neck pain is the second most common symptom experienced after a whiplash, reported by over 90% of patients. Like neck pain, headache also can have a variety of different causes from an auto colli...

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Treating Headaches with Chiropractic

Many people suffer from chronic headaches. Some headaches can be attributed to stress or tension, but the latest medical literature1 reports that some cases of chronic headache are caused by a pr...

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Neck Pain and Headache in Kids

Neck pain and headaches in kids:  More common than parents think Preteens may experience headaches and neck pain far more often than their parents would expect. A Swedish study of 131 student...

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