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Prevention is the First Key
Up to 98% of cancers can be prevented by ensuring chronic vascular inflammation markers in the blood are kept low. This process known as the secret killer is also called "silent inflammation". Some of these markers are CRP, ferritin, Tissue Necrosis Factor-alpha, interleukins, and our WBC (White Blood Cell) anti-oxidant score. In addition to managing this type of inflammation, a lot can be done to prevent two of the most common cancers, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer and Testosterone
Studies have shown that high estrogen levels combined with low testosterone levels lead to prostate cancer. The prevailing theory is that the prostate is attempting to expand in size, and, therefore, its vascular supply in an attempt to get more testosterone from the new blood supply into the prostate gland. Such growth may become cancerous as if it mutates and grows out of control. The key to preventing prostate cancer would be to restore testosterone to an optimal or high-normal blood level so that the prostate would stop enlarging in attempts to get more.

Breast Cancer Prevention
Breast cancer can be prevented by maintaining low silent inflammation as well as balanced progesterone and estrogen levels in order to avoid the effects of estrogen dominance. Progesterone protects breast cells from dividing out of control; however, a woman's progesterone levels start declining within her late 30's. As a result, this can lead to estrogen dominance. However, most breast cancer occurs postmenopausal- during the time ovaries have stopped producing normal protective hormones. It is estimated that about 90 % of breast cancer has an environmental or non-genetic cause. Therefore, every woman should protect herself from breast cancer by balancing her hormones, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and sugars as well as taking an active role in reducing her environmental exposures to plastics, hair dyes, pesticides, and other toxins.

Cancer Support
ACN Wellness provides alternative, holistic options for patients in the Vienna, Leesburg, and DC Metro areas who are looking to complement their current cancer treatments or prevent future ones. We aim to help patients who suffer from side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy and radiation take a toll on the body as they remove vital nutrients and vitamins from the body as well as destroy healthy tissue of the immune and digestive systems. Vitamins, acupuncture, reiki, holistic nutrition and personalized herbal blends can be utilized successfully for managing medication side effects. Complementary medicinal therapies are frequently vital components of cancer treatments.

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