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What are the Components of Having Peak Brain and Emotional Health?

Controlling Stress And Mother Nature's Cortisol
It is important we reverse imbalances caused by stress or disease. Stress results in increased cortisol levels, our "stress hormone"; cortisol leads to increased inflammation in our bodies and decreases our pH balance. Cortisol also decreases the functionality of natural sex steroid hormones and thyroid hormones. Increased levels of cortisol can lead to the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain (especially around the mid-section of the abdomen)
  • Impaired immune function
  • Decreased brain capability
  • Chronic aches and pains
  • Mood swings
  • Problems sleeping
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Sugar, salt and carbohydrate cravings

How does one manage the stress?
One is able to manage stress through a number of mechanisms. Simple methods include:

  • Conscious, deep-breathing exercises & dash; 5 minutes, 3 times per day
  • Decluttering your schedule by reducing your number of commitments
  • Make time to relax
  • Acupuncture, Chinese massage, Qi-gong, Meditation or yoga
  • Body exfoliation, far-infrared sauna treatments
  • Epsom salt baths – soak with 4-5 cups of salt, 10-20 minutes, 3 time per week

Overcoming Any Drug Addiction
Drug use has been shown to deplete the brain of neurotransmitters and nutrients as well to disrupt beneficial bacterial counts within the gastrointestinal tract. Treating addiction has proven effective in response to holistic therapies which have restored bodies to their proper balance and provided support to individuals wanting to break free of their dependency of drugs.

Managing Depression & Anxiety
Prescription medications, such as Prozac or Xanax, are often used in treating depression and anxiety. While the effectiveness of prescription medications usually lessens with time, our dependence on them does not. Unlike prescription medications, which do not address underlying imbalances within the body, holistic medicine utilizes the following approach: to heal the brain, you must first heal the gut or as some say the "gut-brain connection". Holistic practitioners design personalized treatments often targeting brain neurotransmitters that are primarily stored within the gut to be used by the brain later.

Improving Insomnia and Other Sleep Issues
Quality sleep affects an individual's mental sharpness, mood, energy, aging, sex drive, weight, pain, and hormone regulation; sleep is necessary for good health and preventing illness. We aim to improve your sleep regime through the use of herbs, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture, holistic nutrition and nutraceuticals through individualized treatment protocols.

Getting to the root cause of Attention Deficit (+/- Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
Prescription medications for ADD/ADHD are effective in managing symptoms of hyperactivity but do not offer prolonged solutions to the conditions. We consider the following when evaluating a patient diagnosed with ADD/ADHD:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Food nutrient analysis
  • Allergy Testing (often IgG mediated delayed sensitivities)
  • Digestive markers (urine, blood, stool)
  • Toxin evaluation
  • Hormone analysis
  • Neurotransmitter analysis

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