Whiplash, PTSD, and Muscle Injury

Auto Accident Injuries

Whiplash is also known as neck sprain or cervical sprain. This is mostly connected from vehicular injuries where there is sudden distortion of the neck. Whiplash happens when a person's head is being thrown suddenly backward then forward forcing the muscles on the neck to move beyond the normal reach. The tissues and ligaments maybe damaged because of this action.

Symptoms are mostly described as pain and aching to the neck and back, limited mobility of the neck, and even back and shoulder pain. These symptoms may not occur immediately but are felt a few days afterward the accident. We have to understand also that whiplash is usually restrained to the spinal cord, thus affecting the neck and mid back.

Auto Accident Vienna & Leesburg

Many people in Vienna and Leesburg don't know what to do after an auto accident. If you, or someone you know, has been involved in an auto accident or car crash call us to schedule an appointment immediately for a short, but complete, exam. It's common for those involved in auto accidents or car crashes to feel minimal or no symptoms for the first couple of weeks and sometimes the first few months.

Should the case ever go to court, it is not only important to obtain prompt and suitable treatment for whatever traumas were sustained in your car accident, but also to document the extent of the traumas, wherever present.

Not receiving a timely evaluation or starting the suitable therapy for any traumas received in your car accident or crash may neutralize your power to obtain compensation for any future medical bills, remove your ability to acquire pain and suffering payment, and negate compensation for work loss.

Have you suffered an injury from a recent auto accident or car crash in Vienna or Leesburg?

Most auto accident and car crash injuries can sometimes go unnoticed for months or possibly even years.

Most people who were in auto accidents or car crashes are not necessarily aware of the hidden injuries because the pain is often veiled by the medications they are given. Insurance companies are the big winners in cases like these, because they often get released from liability by requesting that victims settle their cases before the end of their treatment and even before they are checked for hidden injuries!

Find out if you could be suffering from a hidden injury! If you have experienced any of the below symptoms since your auto accident or car crash occurred, you may be suffering from a possible soft tissue injury:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Neck Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Spasms
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Mid-Back Pain
  • Numbness and Tingling
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Headaches

Did you know that improper healing of soft tissue injuries can cause arthritis and long-term pain? Play it safe - Don't let an insurance company decide for you that you are not injured. Get checked by one of our Vienna and Leesburg area team members today!


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